A Kick-Ass Fairy by Linda Zercoe

A Kick-Ass Fairy
A Kick-Ass Fairy

5 starsFive BAAAZILLLLION Stars!

I won this through a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway.

I was moved almost beyond words after reading A Kick-Ass Fairy.  I’m not sure how I can put into words how absolutely amazing and life changing this book was for me.  Not only was the author, Linda Zercoe, truly brave for just writing this book, (how difficult it must have been just to re-live every detail of your life at its worst moments, days, weeks and even years, just to help others who might be going through the same thing?), but she was also able to make you feel and understand the effects of having such a debilitating and devastating disease as cancer.  She shares not only the successful ways in which she dealt with cancer but also the not so successful choices she made.  She “bares her soul”, to quote another reviewer.  She went into such detail about the process that I’m sure everyone with cancer must face, (and must be one of the hardest to deal with), paperwork and following different doctor’s diagnosis’.  Just trying to make sense of everything in a big picture sort of way.  And although I am sure she loves her husband very much and he, her, it seemed he had a limit as to how much he was willing to endure with her before he regretted even marrying her.  To which I found appalling and could never imagine anyone who loved someone to the depths of their soul having even thought.  I am sure this only made her grief and suffering that much worse.  In the description of the book, it described “Life can be capricious and cruel.” which I find to be an absolute understatement.  The author did what many of us, if not all wouldn’t be able to do, pull her self up by her bootstraps, put on her big girl pants and plow into this situation fists first!  I am a big believer in Karma and whatever energy you put forth into the world will come back to boost you in whatever way you sent it.  Linda absolutely saved her own life by being strong and trying with all her might to NEVER really give in.

Thankfully, I have never had to encounter cancer personally, however, my mother in law was recently diagnosed with metastasized breast cancer, it traveled to her lungs and the base of her brain.  Since then I have read everything I can on the disease trying to understand where I can fit in and help.  She is in her 70’s and I’m sure making her life expectancy even more limited.  After reading this book I know exactly where I fit and exactly what I must do.  Help keep her strong mentally.  When she is down instead of babying her I challenge her as to why she just wants to curl up and die.  Which always brings on a fierce conversation sparking life into her.  After which she goes shopping and pulls herself up and leaves the house trying to stay energized.  I hate to say it but I also use my kids as a weapon.  When she is really at her lowest, I sic my 5 year old on her who LOVES to devour grandma in kisses and my other two pulling her into conversations about what is going on in their lives.  Without fail she starts to live for them.

I can’t say enough about this book and wish I was wealthy enough to purchase millions of copies just to go pass out in hospitals and clinics everywhere to people receiving chemo treatments.  Even doctors offices to pass out to those just receiving the difficult news.  This book I believe could be the difference between someone just giving in to what the believe is fated or fighting it with every ounce of strength.  The difference between life and death!

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

https://i0.wp.com/paradigmmedia.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/3-stars.png 3 Stars is being generous!

I wanted to like it more… I really really did…

50 Shades of Grey
50 Shades of Grey

Reading is a big part of my daily activities. Biographies, fiction, non-fiction, self-help, erotica, history, genealogical records, cookbooks, children’s books, young adult books… the list is endless. I have never once, no matter how badly I may want to, skipped ahead in a book or stop reading it. I simply finish what I start. Always. From beginning to end. Many times while reading Fifty Shades of Grey, I came very close to breaking my own rules. Slamming my kindle down incredulously screaming… RREEEAALLLLYY??? However, in the end, I am glad I stuck it out.

It is a typical erotic novel written by (what it seems like), a first or second time author. Period. The hype that is surrounding it, is not deserved in my opinion. That, to me, is where my problem lies. I enjoy reading books like this. I do. It’s a predictable and easy read (and hey what exhausted soccer mom wouldn’t want to hide from her hum-drum life and escape into an erotic fantasy from time to time?). What burns my buttons, is that for some reason it was hyped to be a scandalous, impossible to put down, fantasy-esq bible, with highly acclaimed “hold on to your panties” type writing, guaranteed to satisfy soccer moms everywhere! They (the soccer moms that is), are probably why it did get the stampeded, band-wagoned hype that it did… Moms who don’t normally read anything nor have more than two minutes a day to themselves and obviously have nothing much to compare it to (other than a couple of Fabio covered romance novels earlier in life) that are aroused by the repetitive sexual situations that barely change.

This book seems amateurishly written and horribly repetitive. I agree with another reviewers thoughts that this must have been written by a couple of teenage girls. So true on so many levels. From over the top, unbelievable and juvenile-esq named characters (Anastasia, Christian, Mia, Taylor, Leila, Carrick, Elliot? Really? REAAAALLY? Very Beverly Hills 90210 dontcha think?) To the self made 26/27 year old (yep 26 at one point and 27 at another without a single mention of a birthday) millionaire/billionaire (yep, he was referred to as both), with perfect looks and body, out to save the world from hunger and is a master at everything from flying to boating, multi-lingual, brilliant, loving, funny, quirky, care free hero who has never actually learned to care for someone… until now. Oh and let’s not leave out the wispy, beautiful (but by golly, just can’t see it herself) virgin heroine. Sprinkle in repetitive sex scenes (with a strong fetish current that they don’t REALLLLY explore to its fullest)and typical non dramatic story lines… i.e “How can she be with someone like me I’m SOOO damaged and broken inside?” and “How can he be with someone like me, so simple and inexperienced?” Then KA-POW She saves him from himself and a dark horrible existence that no amount of money and sex can cure (yea right!). And he, the Knight whisking her up in a whirlwind of fairy-tale dust and AMAZING sex showers her with money and love, making her the envy of every other female on the planet. (gag me with a whipped cream covered spoon!)REEEEALLLYY?

Oh and for a book that has a repetitive sex scene on every other page, and ample usage of the word F*@K, what’s up with referring to her “lady parts” as THERE?? From what I have read, this book has been banned in local libraries as pornographic material, yet Ana’s whoo-haa is constantly being called “THERE”… “He kisses me THERE.” “I tingle THERE” Don’t tempt and tease with “kinky F—ery” and then call her whoo-ha “THERE” like a twelve year old not quite sure how to refer to “THERE” yet! JEEZ (which brings me to my next burned button and evidence of a teenage writer.)

Jeeezz!!!!!!!! Golly Ge Willickers, tickle me pink, slap me with pilla and call me SHUGGAR! I have now banned the word Jezze in my household and my two tweens would very much like to thank the author of this book. (Although, I highly suspect they are being sarcastic and have no intentions of actually saying thank you. Hmm my husband would though.) Any who… are we to believe that this HONORS college graduate in literature says JEEZ every other second?! Along with a host of other high school type words and phrases said a million different ways??? (i.e crap, double crap, triple crap, F*@k-upedness, F*#kery, blah blah blah) Where did that spoon go? Someone beat me with it!

I could keep bashing but since I already purchased the other two in this series, I might as well get started on those. So look, I realize I’m being a whole lot harsher on this book than I would have been if my expectations weren’t so high for it. But it is what it is, and I’m annoyed. I won’t say it’s a total bust of a book. The story line, although it borderlines plagiarism in this day and age, isn’t entirely a snooze-fest. So like I said in the beginning, I am glad I didn’t put it down. Let’s just hope the story line in the next two take a left turn and Christian turns out to be Ana’s step fathers long lost son and Ana struggles with lesbian tendencies… Oh and I have high hopes that Ana burns that Plum dress and Christian decides to NEVER wear grey pants and a white linen shirt again! Jeez…


A Touch of Danger by Grant Fieldgrove

A Touch of Danger Cover
A Touch of Danger Cover

5 starsFive Stars

WOW yet another hilariously written book by Grant Fieldgrove! Just as funny as the first one. The author was able to continue the story with the same characters I loved from the first book. Not too many writers are capable of that these days.

The snarky, lazy, anxiety-riddle yet persistently brilliant, Archie Lemmons is back with his oh-so patient assistant, and sister-in-law, Elise, stumble upon a murder while on vacation. Of course, this is not your normal cut and dry “who-dun-it” type of case. It takes someone as quirky as this detective somehow manage to witness a murder that no one else saw and or even believes happened! Not only does he need to find a murder, but he has to PROVE the murder even happened without looking like a total idiot. When he discovers that the murder is a famous Hollywood heartthrob, and that the local police are seemingly protecting him, this couldn’t get more difficult… or could it? BUUUM BUUUUUUUM BUUUUUUUUUUM

This is a great book! You really will like it and will be glad that you listened to me! Besides, I’m always right! Just ask my kids!


The Warded Man by Peter V. Brett



This was the first book I won through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway. If you are not already a member of Goodreads and/or have not checked out their Giveaways, you really are missing out! http://www.goodreads.com, YOU’RE WELCOME!

Now, back to the book… I absolutely LOVED this story! The writer, Peter V. Brett, did a fantastic job creating and building up each one of the characters. I was easily able to follow and understand the complexities that make up the three main heroes, Arlen, Rojer, and Leesha. Instead

of just filling a chapter or two explaining and introducing you to a character, you were able to grow with them and really understand why they end up where they do at the end of the book. To me this is one of the best ways to write a book! It lets the reader feel what the character feels and get into their minds rather than just being told what should be thought and felt. This method really invests me into a book.

I also like that there were no wasted chapters on setting up the “lay of the land” or why the world was in the state it was in. The explanation about the book’s background was given along the way, allowing for more story development and getting info on a “need to know basis.” A lot of writers waste so much time and space spelling out every detail and background information that the actual story itself is crammed in and rushed. Mr. Brett was able to tell a very in-depth story while still painting the background picture through the narrative and thoughts of each character as it happened. All 453 pages were well used!

The only thing I disliked, although not enough to dock a star from this fabulous book (SPOILER ALERT) was that throughout Leesha’s back story, we are repeatedly reminded of her “saved maidenhead.” I expected that this was because she finally gives it away to someone worthy of being her first, but to be gang-raped was a disappointment. Not because I abhor gang-rapes (that sounds awful to even type because it really is an awful thing, however, you get my drift), but why all the hoopla building it up when you don’t even find out about the rape until after it takes place? I’m not making much sense I know. Let me try again… After going on and on about her fragile flower, either allow her to gift it to the worthy (and lucky… wink wink) person, THEN insert gang-rape, or… Leave out the numerous mentions of her virginity all together, or at the very least… tell the story of the rape (not graphically, you perverts! lol), but to explain the huge letdown and horrible experience it most certainly was instead of mentioning it hindsight. (Of course, as always, I am probably not making as much sense in writing out the logic that is floating around in my head.)

On to the good stuff, the actual story…


This is a story about three heroes and each of their own dangerous journeys through a changed and terrifying world. Supernatural “powers that be” have forced humanity indoors at nightfall like caged prey. Demons have dominated the food chain almost making humankind extinct! The only barriers between man and beast are carefully constructed magical wards. Once upon a time there were untold numbers of wards that could not only protect a person from demons, but were actual weapons used to slay the demons. Once upon a time, man was able to drive the demons back to the center of hell, the core, fighting for their Creator-given right to dominate the earth. Once upon a time, man was brave. Unfortunately, as most stories about humans go, we got cocky! Forgetting where we came from and how we got there. For hundreds of years we dismissed demons and reduced actual history into fables and Grimm Brothers-esque fairy tales. Humans lost touch of the magic, methods and instructions on how to survive those fairy tales. Cockiness should really, really be a deadly sin. Hmm, I guess it kinda is in this book! (HA! I’m a literary comedian!)

Fast-forward through all that dismissive cockiness to the present day story…

Demons have once again resurfaced and eviscerated the planet’s population dramatically. Mankind is spread far and wide. The only wards most know can only protect their homes and are easily messed up if not created and placed properly. Demons frequently breach these wards and find little to no resistance from its prey.

The book starts by telling the story of Arlen, a young boy who discovers that the word freedom means much more than others are willing to acknowledge. After attempting to save his mother’s life from the demons, he was shocked to see his father frozen, watching both his wife and son struggle to survive from the safety of his wards. This life-altering moment sets Arlen on a course to learn more about these demons and what it will take to rid mankind of them forever.

Leesha, a beautiful girl from an abusive home, tries to live out the life that her horrible mother has set out for her. She is a target for her mom’s hostility in life, both mentally and physically. She soon realizes that she needs to set her own path in life and decides to become an healer, training under possibly the wisest and greatest Herb Gatherer that ever lived.

At a young age, Rojer watched as his parents were “cored” by the demons when their wards failed to secure them at home. He looks on helplessly as his mother risks her life to save her only son. A coward Jongleur agrees to raise and protect him. Rojer learns how to entertain the masses as he is dragged from one village to the next as his “pseudo father” Arrick, drinks away almost all the money they make. When Arrick is killed on the road, Rojer just wants to find a normal life as a Jongleur, but he is just not sure how to get there.

Each character from a different village, with different lives and taking separate journeys, comes together in the end. They find the will and the way to fight and take back what is rightfully theirs – freedom.


Back to the non-spoiler stuff.
I was actually shocked to find out this was Peter V. Brett’s first book! Bravo times a million, Mr. Brett! You really knocked it out of the park with this one. I only hope you make it through the next hurdle of living up to this kind of writing! I look forward to reading more!

Stay tuned…